Counselling Time - Professional Confidential Therapy

Supervisee Testimonials

As a Supervisor, Lindy is always encouraging and supportive. I find her insights creative and sometimes her challenges have really helped me in my work with clients.

Annie M

Lindy had the unenviable task of taking me on as a supervisee, following my having enjoyed a 15 year relationship with my previous supervisor, who had sadly, become ill. Lindy was incredibly understanding of the difficulties I was experiencing 'making that move' and once I had begun supervision with her I felt like I had worked with her for ages. As a Supervisor she is warm, caring and compassionate, yet extremely insightful and challenging in a straightforward and kindly manner. I feel very privileged to be working with her.

Sue E

Lindy was attuned with the clients I was presenting and this made the process of supervision fluid and organic. She added sensitive and intuitive comments which made me think about my clients in a different way. This enabled me to reflect on my practise and gave me an awareness of issues that are present in the work.


Just wanted to say thanks for meeting with me this morning, after a good few weeks of working in an environment where people don't understand counselling, it was good to have your direction and insights into where to go with my client, and I have taken away a lot from the appointment!


Lindy has been my Supervisor since 2005. During this period I have valued her support and guidance. I have especially felt this at times when there have been difficulties and problems. I have not been left to carry these issues on my own. Lindy offers a me a safe space for exploration and reflection in a way that I can utilise for myself as well as for my clients.


Lindy gave me professional, clear and above all, supportive supervision. I learnt much and appreciate how she helped me keep my boundaries with difficult patients. Lindy provides a facilitative environment which allows for quiet reflection.


I find you interested and supportive and each time, while talking, we touch different important aspects of my work. There is always something which stays with me to think it over afterwards. It thus deepens my own understanding and summing up of both my clients' complex psycho dynamics and the way I handle their psycho therapeutic processes. What I cherish most is the atmosphere of freedom of thought and expression and the lack of any criticism that I experience while working with you. Thank you.